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Immune System


Maintaining a health Immune System…


The immune system of a cat and dog is as complex as the human immune system. Your pets’ immune system is there to keep your pet in good health so that your pet can live a long and happy life.

The key to helping your pet stay healthy is to ensure that they have a strong and healthy immune system. Consider the following suggestions:

  1. Use ESSIAC® For Pets as suggested by your health care professional or veterinarian.
  2. Always give your pet a fresh and clean supply of drinking water.
  3. Make sure your pet gets plenty of exercise (outside if possible). Spending time outside in the daylight, is a good source of vitamin D.
  4. What you feed your pet is very important. Make sure your pets’ diet is as good as possible. Read the labels for chemicals, food additives and preservatives that are not good for your pet.
  5. Consider adding fresh fruits, vegetables, grains and proteins to your pets’ regular diet. For more information speak to your veteriarian.
  6. Try to protect your pet from environmental toxins, such as pesticides which can be toxic to your pets health.
  7. Consider giving your pet a mineral and vitamin supplement. For additional information speak to your health care professional or veterinarian.
  8. Control your pets weight be giving them proper nutrition so they remain fit. Excess weight will add unnecessary stress to their bodies.

A stress free environment is good for everyone including your pet.


Remember your pet relies on you completely!

















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